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Proactive Project Manager experienced in managing a variety of construction teams and projects. Successful in creating effective communication between personnel, general contractors and the management team. While I have already worked with several excellent companies I look forward to working with an established US firm in an environment that will allow me to grow professionally while making a significant contribution to my new company's success. Accomplishments I have had the opportunity to work in an interesting variety of environments. From project tracking and reporting on results to the General Director in a large multi-faceted building corporation to working as a general contractor's estimator with may successful bids to overseeing the day to day progress for a major project to insure successful completion on time.

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4.0Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
4.0Оплата и преимущества компании
4.0Гарантия занятости и карьерный рост
4.0Помощь руководства
4.0Корпоративная культура
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The company which produced number of well known cargo airplanes such as An124 and An225 let alone about 20 other types of airplanes.

The company is well known by designing world class cargo airplanes. You can grow there from entry level engineer to technical lead but a salary is going to be not adequate to the world aviation standards. Average salary in 2020 is about $500-700 per month


Unique experience


Salary is too low
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Твердая 3

Если не летать то зарплата маленькая а работы много всегда
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You can work if you are in Ukraine

The work is suitable for Ukraine. Nothing supernatural. Good experience to start a career. many educated people who knew a lot about aircraft manufacturing.
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3.3Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
3.1Оплата и преимущества компании
3.5Гарантия занятости и карьерный рост
3.2Помощь руководства
3.8Корпоративная культура

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