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    Working at Grammar was challenging to me. There benefits was good . I lean how to work as a team. The job gave me a chance to move up. New managers came in and change the whole out look on how to run things. They didn't know nothing about seating , ...
    Seat Assembler (Бывший сотрудник)
    Shannon, MS - 20 апреля 2020
  • Flexible working environment with a team that cares about you

    I work as a proofreader for Grammarly, and it is one of the best jobs I have had. As a full-time student, they are very understanding of my busy schedule and assign hours that work for me; as my school schedule changes, Grammarly changes with me. The...
    Proofreader (Текущий сотрудник)
    Remote - 3 февраля 2020
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