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4,9Баланс робочого та вільного часу

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Very relaxed, motivating and development-oriented environment

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A company with good corporate values. They promote professional and personal growth. The company offers on-the-job and specialised training and language classes.

Nice workplace with friendly people

A typical day at work (French business time). Communication with French and English speaking customers by e-mail, telephone and TeamViewer on the resolution of the errors. Consult user guides, technical manuals.


Free English courses, bonuses



Productive and fun wokplace

Quite a good place to work at. Different and interesting projects. More then 500 people in the HQ office. Corporate events several times a year including team buildings


free coffee and tea


people management isn't good

Place with good management

I was working at Infopulse for more than one year. Biggest plus of company is management, for this reason we always reached our goals in time, also infopulse has great workplace culture and employees.

The company in which to work

The company in which to work. You feel part of the family. Top Management was for me as my mentor. I've learned there SharePoint from scratch - to master.

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Good place to grow into a strong professional

I'm pleased to be a part of the team. Strong professionals, interesting tasks, highly qualified management

The best company to work in Ukraine!

It was the best position in my experience yet! I love it ! So big and friendly company ! They have so many benefits. They have so many benefits.

They care about all employees

They care about all employees - good location - excellent management - clean and clear office - modern software and hardware - openminded company -friendly staff - flexible working hours - good people - good salary and benefits We provide custom, enterprise-level software services for the entire IT lifecycle. From planning and design to implementation and support, we develop sophisticated software that exceeds even the most complex requirements. Ranging from small start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies, we provide clients with flexible services that are tailored to fit their unique budgets, resources, and business requirements.

Productive and fun workplace with expirienced colleges

This company has high level of management where every body know his/her position. Every day brings me new knowledges relating to my work position as software engineer. I'm thanksfull very much for all what I have achieved in this beautiful company.

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Баланс робочого та вільного часу — 4,9 із 5 зірочок
Оплата і переваги компанії — 4,9 із 5 зірочок
Гарантія зайнятості та кар'єрний ріст — 4,7 із 5 зірочок
Керівництво — 5,0 із 5 зірочок
Корпоративна культура — 4,9 із 5 зірочок

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