Карьера и работа в компании MIRATECH

Работа в компании MIRATECH

4,4Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
3,6Гарантия постоянной работы/возможности продвижения
4,4Корпоративная культура
Good place for IT workers, but poor place for being a copywriter
Part-time Junior Copywriter (Бывший сотрудник) – Kyiv, Ukraine – 26 мая 2018
In general employees are friendly and helpful, but top managers do not respect employees and always criticize them. They expect it would motivate you to make better job. It did not motivate me, so I left the position. However, I believe that IT people are treated differently, because they are the main source of company's income.
ПлюсыFresh fruits in the office.
МинусыLack of respect from top managers.
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