Карьера и работа в компании OSCE

Работа в компании OSCE

4,1Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
4,0Оплата и преимущества компании
3,6Гарантия занятости и карьерный рост
3,5Корпоративная культура
A great job to work and laid back and stress free.
Monitoring Officer (Текущий сотрудник) – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – 11 августа 2016
A typical day at work is to get to the office by 9:00 am for the morning brief with colleagues and receive the task for the day. Either a patrol to a different area within our AOR ( areal of responsibility) or to have a schedule meeting that has been set up previously by our language assistant. The language spoken in Eastern Ukraine is Russian and that - больше... is why a language assistant is needed. It is has been difficult working in a foreign country with colleagues from different countries and different backgrounds; because there are so many different prejudices that you may encounter on a day to da ... - меньше
ПлюсыLearn a foreign language and learn about the culture of the host country
МинусыPrejudice of foreign colleagues
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