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Вакансії: executive director, Київ

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Український незалежний центр політичних досліджень
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The Kyiv-based non-government Oganization "Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research" is looking for candidates for the position of Executive Director.

Announcement dated January 24, 2023

The UCIPR’s Executive Director is the head of the Organization. It has full authority to implement the mission of UCIPR, which is the development of independent expertise in the field of democracy and civil society in Ukraine.

The position implies the ability to lead and readiness to ensure the Organization's strategic development and good governance.

Job responsibility:

1. Development of the Organization's long-term development strategy, positioning strategy and strategic communication and promotion of the Organization's activities;

2. Fundraising and developing short-term operational plans and budgets.

3. Representation of the interests of the Organization in its relations with other persons, organizations, and institutions, including international ones, authorities of Ukraine and of other countries.

4. Ensuring coordinated activities of the Organization aimed at achieving strategic goals, project integration and coordination of work.

5. Risk management in the activities of the Organization.

6. Financial planning, fundraising planning, planning and implementation of annual budgets, and project budgets.

7. Arrangement of the work of administrative staff and project teams. Organization of labour relations - approval of job duties of employees of the Organization, acceptance, transfer to another job, removal from it and dismissal of employees of the Organization.

8. Management of funds and property of the Organization, conclusion and signing of agreements and contracts on behalf of the Organization.

9. Ensuring and monitoring compliance by the Organization with the requirements of legislation and obligations to counterparties.

10. Development and approval of the Organization's internal policies and control over compliance with the Organization's policies in all processes.

11. Ensuring proper document keeping, accounting and reporting of the Organization according to the legal prescriptions in Ukraine.

Candidate requirements:

  • Sharing commitments to such values as democracy, human rights, and good governance;
  • Higher education (master's degree at least);
  • Experience in the management of project teams, planning and effective implementation of projects, including technical assistance projects;
  • Understanding the external environment and conditions for the Organization's work;
  • Strong communication skills, the ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with public leaders, representatives of public administration bodies, and representatives of mass media;
  • Knowledge of approaches to team building and employees motivation;
  • Knowledge of the main aspects of tax legislation related to the activities of non-profit organizations;
  • Knowledge of regulations on transparency, admissibility of expenses, and proper management by international organizations, such as USAID and EC;
  • Analytical abilities; excellent writing skills, competent speech;
  • Negotiation skills, expertize in preparation of presentations and reports;
  • Willingness to work in irregular working hours;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Proficiency in English at the B2-C2 level;
  • Experience in project management in the field of democracy and national unity, political rights and civic participation, civil society development, contacts with international donor organizations, and awareness of the strategies of global organizations will be an additional advantage.

Working conditions:

Official registration


A workplace with a PC

Office in Kyiv downtown

The salary is determined based on the current project opportunities.

To participate in the competition please submit the following not later than 6 p.m. (Kyiv Time) on February 20, 2023:

1. Resume (up to 3 pages) (in Ukrainian or English);

2. Letter of interest (in Ukrainian or English) in which to describe:

a) your experience following this announcement,

b) competencies and skills,

c) the expected remuneration,

d) contacts of two persons who could provide a reference letter.

Resumes, letters of interest and any questions to be sent to the email address: ucipr@ucipr.org.ua with a mandatory copy to the address ucipr.competition@gmail.com.

As a subject of the letter, please indicate "UCIPR Executive director vacancy".

Candidates selected for an interview will be notified by email. Selected candidates must be ready to provide additional documents at the request of the Competition Commission that can prove the qualification and motivation of the candidate, such as copies of diplomas, certificates, contracts, publications, and letters of recommendation.

By the Statute, the selection carries out an independent Competition Commission made up of the governing bodies of the UCIPR (Board and General Assembly) and representatives of partner organizations.

About the Organization

The Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Research (UCIPR) is a non-government, non-partisan, non-profit analytical centre that grew up in 1991 from a circle of students participating in the Revolution on Granite.

The mission of UCIPR is to develop solutions for democratic accountability in Ukraine. UCIPR is presented in the world's leading non-governmental analytical centres according to the University of Pennsylvania (USA) ranking. Currently, the centre's team consists of 15 people.

Areas of activity: affirmation of the values of democracy, national identity and social cohesion, non-discrimination approach, development of conditions for civil society, development of requirements for the fulfilment of political rights.

The main projects were implemented in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Private Agencies Collaborating Together (Pact Inc.), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Renaissance Fund, the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities (OSCE HCNM), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, the Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), and others.

Currently, in 2023, the Organization's portfolio includes five projects.

You can find out more about the activities of UNCPD

from the website www.ucipr.org.ua

from the page https://www.facebook.com/UCIPR

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