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Support Operative - job post

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As a support operative you will ensure that all our users have a great experience and can get more stuff done with our software every day.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Answer incoming support messages via e-mail, chat and skype
  • Create documentaion material in various formats (FAQ, tutorials, videos, ...)
  • Check and manage public forums such as stackoverfow.com

Required skills:

  • Quick aptitude on technical topics
  • Clean and entertaining writing skills
  • Experience with business software is a plus
  • Experience with screencast and video creation tools

About Us

ZeyOS is a software company originally founded in Munich 2009. We offer a platform for small businesses that unifies all the features you care about in one brilliant and intuitive platform - from e-mail and calendaring to inventory management and billing. We help growing companies that are stuck in a web of mesh-up and makeshift solutions. We are doing for businesses, what Apple did for consumers: Offering a truly integrated eco system for business apps that is as easy to use as iTunes, yet powerful and extensible in order to solve today's business problems.


iHub Lviv
Zamknena St 9
Lviv Oblast

Bretonischer Ring 5
85630 Grasbrunn

San Francisco:
720 University Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States

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